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  • Hydroxyproline is a major component of collagen.
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hydroxyproline is the main component of collagen, and does not belong to 20 common amino acids. In recent years, the research and development of hydroxyproline has attracted wide attention in medicine, biochemistry, food and beauty industry. It can be used as a cosmetic additive. It has the function of antioxidant and anti-radiation, has a variety of physiological functions and unique biological activities, can be used as a variety of soft tissue diseases, such as connective tissue damage, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., but also to promote the absorption and utilization of calcium in the bone, to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

hydroxyproline eventually enters the liver and then enters the blood for human use. Disequilibrium of hydroxyproline in the blood involves many diseases, such as impaired toughness of cartilage and ligament tissues in teeth and bones and fibrosis of tissues. The concentration of hydroxyproline in urine is directly related to bone resorption, so the concentration of hydroxyproline in urine can represent bone resorption. It can be used as a biochemical marker for diagnosing and predicting the quality of etiological factors.

study found that in surgical patients, the level of hydroxyproline increased rapidly, especially in age. In large patients, it is difficult to restore the balance of hydroxyproline levels in the blood, so many elderly patients are protracted after fracture or joint surgery. And even affect life expectancy. The metabolism of hydroxyproline is also closely related to aging, and serum hydroxyproline concentration increases with age as a result of the loss of subcutaneous collagen and hydroxyproline in bone. Therefore, hydroxyproline content can be used as a reference index for detection of human senility.

Hydroxyproline, as a kind of amino acid, is not one of the most common amino acids in 20, but its efficacy is not impaired at all. It not only has very good rehabilitation effect on various diseases of bone and joint tissue, but also has very good promotion function and satisfactory effect on the whole body function. For example, it can accelerate wound healing and treat various skin diseases. As an important component of amino acids, hydroxyproline is also effective in the treatment of hypoproteinemia caused by acute and chronic liver diseases. It participates in the emulsification of fat, the formation of erythrocyte heme and globulin, and regulates lipid emulsification. It is also a variety of drugs, such as the third generation antibiotics, anti-tumor, anti-hypertension and new drugs. A synthetic raw material for stomach medicine, etc. In addition, it also has weight loss effect, and is expected to become an ideal drug for weight loss. But his biological resources are scarce, so they are expensive.

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