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  • Clinical significance of hydroxyproline
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introduction according to Baidu Baike, following the clinical significance of

According to were the Baidu encyclopedia introduction, the clinical significance of hydroxyproline is as follows:

collagen outside Other proteins, except for elastin with a small amount of hydroxyproline, do not contain hydroxyproline. Therefore, the content of hydroxyproline in serum and urine and tissue was measured as an important indicator to measure the body’s metabolism of collagen.

Other proteins except collagen do not contain hydroxyproline except elastin which contains a small amount of hydroxyproline. E = "text-align: center"> hydroxyproline

when the connective tissue in vivo is proliferated or destroyed, such as severe fractures, burns, severe tuberculosis Hodgkin ’s, and cirrhosis of the liver disease, hyperthyroidism, hyperlipidemia can result in increased hydroxyproline content of hydroxyproline in blood and urine.

When the connective tissue in vivo is proliferated or destroyed such as, severe fractures, burns severe, pulmonary tuberculosis and cirrhosis, s disease, hyperthyroidism, Hodgkin' hydroxyproline can increase the content of hydroxyproline in blood and urine.

in addition to The diagnosis and clinical observation of dermatomyositis and malignant tumor diseases such as silicosis, coal has a certain reference value, but also an important indicator to observe children’s growth rate.

In addition, it has certain reference value for the diagnosis and curative effect observation of dermatomyositis, malignant tumor, coal silicosis and other diseases, and it is also an important index for observing the growth rate of children.

Determination of hydroxyproline is also understood. The bone metabolism index, the main components of the bone collagen, serum calcium, bone resorption, urinary hydroxyproline excretion increased.

Determination of hydroxyproline is also an indicator of bone resorption and bone metabolism. The main component of bone tissue is collagen. When blood calcium is decreased, bone resorption and urinary hydroxyproline excretion increase.

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