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Proline is the amino acid needed by the body to produce collagen and cartilage. It keeps muscles and joints flexible, and reduces skin drooping and wrinkling caused by UV exposure and normal aging.

The role of proline also includes helping the body break down proteins and create healthy cells in the body. It is very important for maintaining healthy growth of skin and connective tissue (especially tissue trauma sites). Proline and lysine are needed for the production of hydroxyproline and hydroxyl lysine. These two amino acids construct collagen. Collagen helps to heal cartilage and provide cushioning for joints and vertebrae. For this reason, proline supplementation has the effect of treating osteoarthritis, persistent soft tissue tension and chronic back pain.

The body also needs proline to maintain muscle tissue. Researchers have noted that proline levels in long distance runners and other long hours of physical labor will be reduced. Therefore, some high intensity training athletes may need this supplement to avoid muscle loss.

Proline is a non essential amino acid. The body can produce proline by glutamic acid. Generally speaking, people who take a healthy diet are less likely to be deficient in proline. However, people suffering from trauma (especially skin injury), such as severe burns, may need to supplement this amino acid. Patients with pain caused by cartilage or collagen can also benefit from proline supplements.

The best natural food sources of proline include meat, dairy products, and eggs. Vegetarians and low protein diets should consider using proline supplements combined with other amino acids. These nutrients are available in capsules and tablets, but the amino acids are often included in other therapeutic drugs and supplements, such as herpes simplex virus, arthritis, back pain drugs, and some sports drinks.

Proline is usually combined with vitamin C to promote cardiovascular health. The recommended dose is 500-1000 mg daily, plus 1000 mg vitamin C. Patients with liver or kidney diseases are not suitable to use proline supplements, so it is advisable to consult doctors first before taking such health care products. It should be remembered that excessive intake of any amino acid can cause a loss of balance in the citric acid cycle, thereby aggravating the liver and kidney to eliminate the burden of toxins and produce different side effects.

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