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  • 羟脯氨酸的检测方法
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1、 测定意义:羟脯氨酸在胶原蛋白中占13.4%,在弹性蛋白中占极少量,其它蛋白中均不存在。而胶原蛋白大多分布在皮肤、腱、软骨、血管等处,因此羟脯氨酸的量能反映结缔组织疾病的胶原代谢情况。有人把皮肤中羟脯氨酸的测定作为筛选抗衰老药物的一个指标。在发育阶段随年龄的增长,其羟脯氨酸在尿中排泄增加,而发育停止后稳定。老年人的羟脯氨酸比年轻人要少。鼠患有自发性高血压及继发性高血压时,尿中羟脯氨酸含量增加。 手术创伤会导致尿羟脯氨酸排泄量的增加,因高脂、低蛋白、酒精中毒及毒物、营养不良,或肝细胞变性坏死,通过炎症使纤维增加,分割肝小叶,导致肝硬化。肝纤维化时,肝内主要增加的成分为胶原纤维,羟脯氨酸为胶原纤维所特有,测定肝羟脯氨酸的含量,可换算成肝胶原蛋白的含量,以反映肝纤维化程度。胶原纤维分解主要依赖胶原酶和其它蛋白酶的作用,其分解产物羟脯氨酸从尿中排出,测定尿羟脯氨酸的含量,可反应胶原降解的情况。通过测定组织及尿中羟脯氨酸的含量,一方面可以判断纤维化程度,同时可以筛选预防与治疗的药物。

2、 测试方法:化学比色法。简便、易行、快捷的消化法

3、 测试所需仪器:721或722、751、752分光光度计,恒温水浴箱,低速离心机。


The hydroxyproline test box can be used to measure serum, culture medium, urine, myocardium, skin, cartilage, liver, etc.

1, the significance of determination: hydroxyproline in collagen 13.4%, a little in elastin, other proteins do not exist. Collagen is mostly distributed in skin, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels. Therefore, the amount of hydroxyproline can reflect the collagen metabolism of connective tissue diseases. Some people used the determination of hydroxyproline in skin as an indicator of screening anti-aging drugs. During the development stage, the excretion of hydroxyproline in urine increased with age, but it was stable after the development stopped. The hydroxyproline of the elderly is less than that of the young. When rats have spontaneous hypertension and secondary hypertension, the content of hydroxyproline in urine increases. Surgical trauma can lead to an increase in urine hydroxyproline excretion, due to high fat, low protein, alcoholism and toxic substances, malnutrition, or liver cell degeneration and necrosis, through inflammation, fiber increases, segmented liver lobules, leading to liver cirrhosis. In liver fibrosis, the main components in the liver are collagen fibers, and hydroxyproline is specific to collagen fibers. The content of HT is measured, which can be converted into the content of liver collagen to reflect the degree of liver fibrosis. The decomposition of collagen fiber mainly depends on the action of collagenase and other protease, and the decomposition product hydroxyproline is discharged from urine, and the content of hydroxyproline in urine can be measured, which can reflect the degradation of collagen. By measuring the content of hydroxyproline in tissues and urine, we can judge the degree of fibrosis on the one hand, and can also screen drugs for prevention and treatment.

2. Test method: chemical colorimetric method. A simple, easy and quick digestion method

3. Instruments for testing: 721 or 722, 751, 752 spectrophotometer, constant temperature water bath, low speed centrifuge.

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