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  • 哪些食物中含羟脯氨酸
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富阳市365bet生物工程有限企业是生产、经营氨基酸(羟脯氨酸、羟基脯氨酸、脯氨酸)的专业企业。企业立足于二十一世纪的朝阳产业――生物工程技术,依托高等院校,优选高产纯种,高效的分离提纯工艺,生产系列高品质的氨基酸。企业主要生产L-缬氨酸、L-苯丙氨酸、L-异亮氨酸, L-脯氨酸,并最新研制开发了L-羟脯氨酸,达到年产400吨高品质产品规模,产品质量符合中国药典CP(???)标准。企业坚持采用优秀的工艺、完善的设备、创造优良的质量,奉献优质的产品,竭诚欢迎各界同仁惠顾、合作。 


Hydroxyproline is mainly found in collagen.
Collagen rich foods include pig hooves, fish scales, cartilage, chicken wings, chicken skins, fish skins, animal tendons and pork skins.
Fuyang Dongchen Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. is a professional company that produces and operates amino acids(hydroxyproline, hydroxyproline, proline). Based on the sunrise industry of the 21st century-bioengineering technology, relying on colleges and universities, the company chooses high-yield purebred, high-efficiency separation and purification technology to produce a series of high-quality amino acids. The company mainly produces L-valine, L-phenylalanine, L-isoleucine, L-proline, and has recently developed L-hydroxyproline, which has reached an annual output of 400 tons of high-quality products. Product quality conforms to Chinese Pharmacopoeia CP(? What? What? ) Standards. The company insists on adopting excellent technology, perfect equipment, creating excellent quality, and contributing high-quality products. We sincerely welcome colleagues from all walks of life to patronize and cooperate.

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